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Tim and Sandra have been working together and 
independently since 2000 on various projects as 
freelance artists demonstrating the ability to think 
creatively, organize, manage, and execute proposed 
ideas from a beginning concept to a completed work 
of art. They have produced works of art enhancing residential, commercial, and outdoor environments, 
taking a personal and professional interest in every 
project whether working directly with clients, interior 
designers, municipalities, restaurants and other 
businesses. Sandra, owner of Canvas Sky, has over 
twenty nine years of experience producing decorative 
finishes, murals, and fine art with the knowledge of 
materials, techniques, and applications. Tim is an 
accomplished artisan creating artistic environments 
for over forty years with an education and background 
experience in architecture, fine arts, murals and 
decorative finishes.
Services include: design and execution of murals, decorative finishes, plasters, trompe l'oeil, 
bas relief sculptures, faux marble, wood graining, and metallics. Beyond their creative talents, 
their skills include consultation, design development, and working with other artists and 
subcontractors providing a creative atmosphere.